Top Durham Hotels & An Invitation To Check Out Bed & Breakfasts

Finding the best place to stay in Bull City is going to be a big part of your Durham NC vacation. You need a home base, and you need a place to lay your head. Book the right place, and you certainly aren’t going to mind taking some downtime, although you do want to stay out and about seeing all the sights as much as you can. If you are trying to find the right hotel to book in Durham NC, here are some of the top picks.

Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club is one of the best. If you plan to enjoy some golfing while in Durham, then this might be the best choice for you. The hotel is located at 3001 Cameron Boulevard, and it is luxurious indeed. Visit the Bull Durham Bar, enjoy the Fairview Restaurant and play a round of golf while staying at this elegant hotel. Some people say staying there is like a step back in time, but in a good way. Talk about a relaxing vacation, absent of stressful modernities, yet featuring plenty of luxurious accommodations. The Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club is also a great option for business travelers to Durham.

Millennium Durham is another one of the best hotels Durham has to offer. Located at 2800 Campus Walk Avenue, Millennium Durham is a great pick for your Durham vacation. One thing you are going to find quite a lot of on a list of the top Durham hotels is chain hotels. They are going to be choice places to stay in many ways, especially when you are talking about ritzy places. Hey, I’m game for a luxurious chain hotel.

Yet I also like those comfy bed and breakfasts and the local hotels that aren’t chains. You can explore your options when it comes to them, too, and that is just another recommendation I would make to help your Durham vacation be as unique as possible. You are going to find all kinds of lodging options, and it’s up to you where you would like to stay.

I’ll tell you what, a bed and breakfast sounds very relaxing, don’t you think? If you like golfing, that country club sounds like a very enjoyable and unique place, too. You are bound to have a blast when you visit Durham and see all the wonderful places that the city has to offer, including its lodging choices.