The Top 3 Pop Music Artists Of All Time

For many years, pop music has been a dominant force in most of our radio dials. Irrespective of where you listen, there is undoubtedly that pop music artist or band that has had a huge contribution to shaping the music industry. Even as the styling and faces of pop music keep changing, one thing that will always remain is that pop music has endured. Starting with early rock and eventually being more R&B and hip-hop-driven, the one thing linking pop artists together is the reach and power of the songs they sing. Any serious pop music collection definitely starts here. This is a list of pop artists based on their success as well as timelessness and quality of their music.

1. The Beatles

The Beatles are one pop music band by which almost everything else in pop music is measured and matched. Their great influence on pop artists which came after their phenomenal decade career between 1960 and 1970 is unmeasurable. They had held the record of having the most number 1 pop singles in the United States (20) until 2014 when the record was broken. The Beatles still have such a strong influence that they will rank among the top-selling album recording artists of the 2000’s.

2. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was arguably the epitome of larger than a lifetime pop music songs. Michael came to the spotlight of pop music at a young age of 11 back in 1969 when he had teamed up with his brother in a group they called Jackson 5. And at the end of the decade, Michael Jackson emerged as one of the most promising young adult recording artists. He recorded Thriller, the bestselling music album of all time and was the world’s greatest pop star in the early 1990’s. His career, however, became mired in criminal investigations and tabloid rumors until his death in 2009.

3. Elvis Presley

With the absence of Elvis Presley, it would be quite difficult to imagine how much of what followed in rock and pop music would have really happened. This is an artist who literally brought rock ‘n roll in almost all American living rooms. He went ahead to become a larger than life cultural king and icon. Throughout his music career, he was able to record more than 100 top 40 pop hits. He, however, died in 1977 aged 42.